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Webshell (UNIX)

How to use webshell file manager.

 How do I untar files on my UNIX account?
 How to access the password protected directory using webshell.
 How to create and password protect a directory for additional ftp user using webshell?
 What is Webshell?

 How do I untar files on my UNIX account?
You can now untar files in your UNIX account through our Webshell program. You can upload the file to any location on your account. You then go to that file in the left hand side of the Webshell program (the side that is labeled as source). To determine where the file will uncompress to, on the right hand side of the screen (labeled as Destination), go to that specific directory. Now click on the compressed file in the source directory and Webshell will uncompress the file to the destination directory. Allowable file extensions: .tgz .tar .gz Remove underscores from the filename


 How to access the password protected directory using webshell.
The directory can be accessed by going to the browser and inputting the following URL: http://yourdomain.com/directoryname/webshell. You will be prompted for the username and a password for the directory that you have created using the User Admin feature. After inputting the username and a password, you will be taken to the WebShell program inside of the directory that you created for the user.


 How to create and password protect a directory for additional ftp user using webshell?
After typing the URL webshell.yourdomain.com in the Netscape browser, click on the link for User Admin, which will take you to the screen where you will be prompted for the FTP username and a password. After clicking on login, you will be taken to the new screen where you have to input the username, the password (which you would like to use in order to log into the directory), the directory name that you already created for password protection (for ex. public_html/test), and the space limit that you would like to set for the upload. By clicking on submit, you will be taken to a new screen where you will complete the procedure by choosing Install Local Entry Pages For WebShell & htProtect. The prompt box will come up asking for the name of the directory where you want to upload pages (public_html/test). As soon as you click OK, the next screen will show you all users and procedures that you have created. By clicking OK, the procedure will be completed.


 What is Webshell?
WebShell 2.0 is a combination of CGI Script, HTML and JavaScripts that performs most of the file operations required for website account maintenance from your favorite web browser. Version 2.0 Features:
    Remote Account Administration
    Intuitive, easy to use interface

    Files/Directories copy, move, delete, rename, info

    Files upload & download

    Files preview (supports most of the formats understandable by web browser)

    Multiple files/directories selection and manipulations

    Files Editing & Source Viewing

    Superior two panels view for ease of file manipulations

    Based on Unix security mechanism for maximum security & flexibility

    Easily configurable interface

    Set access permissions on files and directories

    Full Unix type accounts support

    File Filtering

    Online user help

    Select multiple files using mask or by mouse click

    Simple 2-step installation

    Supports Netscape 3.x, 4.x and Explorer 4.x (any platform)
    Written in C++ for optimum performance


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