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Technical Questions (NT/2000)

NT/2000 Webhosting details

   Do you support ASP pages?
Our NT web servers do support ASP. We do recommend that all .ASP files are placed in the root directory of your account. Microsoft has documented a bug where ASP files may have problems running from sub-directories.
 How can I work with PGP-encrypted messages from my perl scripts?
Here you can find documentation on PGP.pm
- perl module to work with PGP messages.

 How do I do get my database files setup on the NT server?
Currently we provide two ways to access database using web interface: MS Internet Database Connector and Cold Fusion. In order to connect to MS Access database the client should:
  1. Create a MS Access database on a client computer
  2. Upload it to his web site
  3. Request an ODBC connection to your database
  4. Our specialist will register a new database in ODBC applet
  5. Create an IDC file (with .idc extension) which includes all the necessary information to use a database (table name, SQL statement, user name, password etc.) and upload it to his web site
  6. Create an HTX file (with .htx extension) where a client will define how an output of his query will be displayed. It is basically an extension of HTML file and can only be used with IDC file. Client uploads this file to his web site
  7. Create an HTML file (usually with a form in it) with a link to IDC file (or files).IDC file then uses HTX file as a template to output data
Using Cold Fusion:
    Create directory , where the files will be located on your site.

    Create database file which will be used by Cold Fusion applications on your local machine

    Publish to your site

    E-mail us about your Cold Fusion directory. Name of database file, the PATH to the database file, and login and password for the database on server side

 How to access NT Statistics?
Your IP Number /stats/index.html
 What is the extension for Server Side Include?
The filename extension for Server Side Include is .stm

 What is the path to the Perl executable? (NT)
The PERL executable path is C:\Perl\bin\Perl.exe
    It is best to give your files an extension of .pl

   2002 Metanet - Legal Information
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