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Managed Services

As a Metanet client, you are given the capability to administer the server as you wish. However, there are times when you might need assistance in overcoming different technical problems or administration duties. Metanet with its experience in multiple operating systems can assist. Below you will find the services where we can assist:

 Media Management
 System Administration
 Database Services
 Firewall & Security Administration
 Hardware Management

 Media Management

Tapes will be rotated on a daily or weekly basis
Tapes will either be recycled, cataloged and stored
onsite, or stored offsite
Weekly off-site storage coordinated.

Daily Tape Rotation
Tapes will be rotated on a daily basis
Monthly: $100

Weekly Tape Rotation
Tapes will be rotated on a weekly basis
Monthly: $50

Offsite Storage
Tapes will be sent to the customer's office or stored securely offsite
Customer must have a Federal Express account
Monthly: $15

  Tapes are cataloged and stored securely onsite
  All plans include 5 tapes and the Cost of the media is $100
  All clients must have a tape backup system on their server
      Daily rotation conducted Monday through Friday;
  Weekly rotation conducted on Friday
  We do not guarantee the integrity of the tape

 System Administration (a remote hands Level 2 service)

Metanet provides a very knowledgeable and experienced staff made to assist clients in the administration and maintenance of their servers.

Unless otherwise specified, system administration includes:

System configuration
  Operating System upgrades
  Supported software upgrades or service patch updates
  Mail Server (adding/deleting users, mail forwards, autoresponders)
  Web Server (adding domains, password protection, server module support)
  FTP Server (restricting access, setting up new users)
      ***We do not support Front Page Extensions on Unix systems

Software installation and Configuration
  Configuration instructions & software license must be provided by client
  Supported software by OS: Unix and NT
      ***We will not support any software that we do not install

Operating system troubleshooting

Log file rotation and analysis
Does not include troubleshooting of problems with CGI scripts including but not limited to: Perl scripts, custom CGI, Active Server Pages, and web/database integration.

Support Plans:
$295 2 hours
$495 4 hours
$695 6 hours
$995 10 hours

System administration performed between 9am to 5pm, Monday through Friday EST.

Standard rates per incident without support plans are billed at the rate of $175 per hour.

Administration beyond these hours will be charged $225 per hour with a 4 hour minimum.

 Database Services

Metanet offers all dedicated clients a database solution without the ownership cost of a license or another server. We will provide a shared database server that you can administer and conduct your database on.


Metanet clients have the opportunity to host their SQL database on our SQL servers (MS SQL-NT or My SQL-UNIX). You will have a fast and secure server where you can administer your database.

50mb $15 per month
100mb $25 per month
200mb $40 per month
350mb $60 per month
500mb $100 per month


  Setup of Database on SQL Server
  ODBC setup
  IP address for Database (port number)
  Daily Backups of database and log files
  25% of storage space is used up in log files

Size of your database is approx. 15 megs, then you will need 20 megs (15 megs of storage for database - 5 megs of storage for logs)
  Setup fee of $69.95


  Setup of Database on SQL Server
  Perl, DBI:DBD, PHP3 setup
  IP address for Database 
      ( port number )
  Daily Backups of database and log files
  Setup fee of $69.95

 Firewall & Security Administration (a remote hands Level 2 service)

Setup and administer firewall on server:
4 hours First Month includes:
Installation and configuration of patches & updates 1 hour per month Maintenance
$495 setup, $99 per month
  UNIX only
  Software firewall only

For any changes, additions, or requests for managed services, you will need to fill out the following work order.

If you would like to contract our experience or would like more information, please contact your sales representative. Email support@metanethosting.com or call 888-808-5468.

 Hardware Management (a remote hands Level 2 service)

Hardware Management is performed between 9am to 5pm, Monday through Friday EST.

Standard rates per incident without support plans are billed at the rate of $125 per hour with a two hour minimum

Unless otherwise specified, hardware administration includes:

Repair and Testing
Replacing or repairing broken customer system components
Systems Building
Systems building, troubleshooting, and testing checking components for damage
Physical Labor or Migration
Physical movement of hardware as well as maintaining hardware redundancy for customers

(see Level 2 remote hands section for more details on hardware services)

Remote Hands Terms:

Level 1 Remote Hands Services

Level 1 remote hands services are provided as part of our standard co-location services and are provided at no cost to our customers. Under this level of remote hands service Metanet technicians will provide, but are not limited to, the following levels of assistance:

* Push buttons, toggle switches, set externally accessible dip-switches.
* Rebooting or power cycling of equipment.
* Reading off serial numbers on equipment to customer
* Visual verification to assist customer's remote troubleshooting efforts.
* Listening to fans, auditory support for troubleshooting hardware
* Relaying equipment status indicators
* Typing single keystrokes on pre-installed console.
* Plug in a console port for remote management by customer.
* Moving or securing a single cable.
* Replacing or verifying connectivity integrity of Metanet cross-connects.
* Adding, removing, or verifying a demarcation label.

Level 2 Remote Hands Services

Level 2 remote hands services are provided for those situations where more sophisticated or time-consuming action may be required to accomplish a task that would otherwise require a customer's physical presence to complete. These services are well suited for advanced technical or professional services needs where highly skilled technicians and/or engineers may be needed to accomplish a task or provide assistance with a complex system or network component, software application, or operating system. These services are billed at Metanet's current professional services hourly rates. Under this level of remote hands service Metanet technicians will provide all of the services included in our Level 1 remote hands support above, as well as the following additional forms of assistance:

* Basic troubleshooting of customer equipment.
* Inventorying a customer's equipment or taking digital pictures of equipment or co-location space.
* Labeling equipment and cable connections.
* Assisting with physically installing, relocating, or migrating equipment.
* Shipping and handling RMA equipment.
* Assistance with customer conference room activities.
* Installing, replacing/removing equipment components (e.g. router/switch, internal module or card, disk drive, memory) that are hot-swappable and/or highly modular in design.
* Swapping of pre-labeled, pre-ejected, removable media (tapes, CDs, DVDs)
* Installing or swapping pre-configured equipment or components.
* Installing cross-connects from customer equipment to patch panels.
* Moving or securing cables or customer-side cross-connects.
* Installing customer provided software with default configurations or specific and basic customer-provided instructions.
* Establishing or taking down a loop-back on a carrier circuit to assist in remote testing.
* Diagnostic and signal testing a circuit with diagnostic equipment.
* Loop-back testing for Telco circuits (DS1, DS3, OC-3, and OC-12, etc.).
* Advanced systems or network configuration or troubleshooting (e.g. advanced systems or network protocols and services).
* Advanced operating system or applications troubleshooting.
* Installation, configuration, or troubleshooting of specialized or complex infrastructure components or software applications (e.g. Oracle RDBMS, RAID solutions, Fibre-channel devices, firewalls, load-balancers, etc.)
* Full deployment of delivered infrastructure, including hardware, software, middleware, and related components.
* Critical data backup and/or restore operations.

Remote Hands Terms and Conditions

1. Depending on the contracted level of co-location services, a pre-defined number of remote-hands support hours per month may be included at no charge. For customers who have not contracted for Remote Hands services or have exceeded the included amount, should these services be required, the customer will be billed on a time and materials basis, in hourly increments, at current Metanet labor rates.

2. A specific number of remote hands services time are added to customers contract for monthly or annual utilization.

3. Customer is invoiced in advance for each block of time.

4. For contracted blocks of time, time is decremented from the block in hourly intervals as they are used.

5. If customer utilizes their full block of time prior to expiration of a contract or contract addendum, services may still be requested but will be billed at the then current, non-discounted hourly rates for each level of service. Customers may, at any time, order additional blocks of time to be utilized during a specific contract term.

6. If customer does not utilize all hours contracted to by the end of one annual contract period, unused time is not credited.

7. In accordance with the above levels of service, customers have the option to have a Metanet employee perform simple procedures on co-located equipment by following literal instructions over the phone, email, or fax from a pre-authorized employee or contact from customer's company.
Metanet reserves the right to refuse to execute certain types of procedures. Pursuant to Metanet co-location and hosting agreements, Metanet accepts no liability for any loss or damages caused by performing the above services.


   2002 Metanet - Legal Information
QUICK SUPPORT: info@metanethosting.com (24 hours a day)

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