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Your email information was provided in a confirmation mail sent by us to you upon setup of your domain name. In order to use your domain email that Metanet has provided you will need to use Email Software. Below we provide a limited step-by-step visual Setup of Microsoft Outlook Express 5.0. This program is included in Microsoft Windows and is one of the most widely used email programs in the world.

For more help, please consult your Computer's Browser or E-mail program help manual on how to retreive Metanet Internet mail through configuration of your email software. We cannot offer technical assistance with configuration of third party software.

To Access your Email via the WEB
go to http://yourdomain.com/admin and click the button up top: "Login to Email"

Setting Up Email with Outlook Express and Troubleshooting Email

E-mail setup tutorial for Outlook Express 5.00

1. Open up Outlook Express 5.0

2. Select Tools -> Accounts and then Add -> Mail...
and enter in your full name

3. Enter your full e-mail address.


4. Enter the two mail servers you will be using.

5. Enter your account username and password you were given for your e-mail box account

6. If all goes well, or if you have already setup your e-mail account, if you click on properties, when it lists your mail accounts under
Tools -> Accounts, it should look like this:


Troubleshooting Email

What to do if your email is not working:

It seems Nine out of Ten times when a customer has a problem sending or receiving email it is almost always due to corruption of their windows operating system or email software. Please troubleshoot your email before contacting our tech support as we do not support configuring email software included with your computer or third party software you have purchased.

If you have trouble sending or receiving email, if you are receiving excessive long wait periods to get your mail, if your password or username is getting rejected, if you experience recurring box pop-ups on your Outlook Express that is repetitively requesting a username and password, or if you experience error messages please note the following:

    Your Cable provider may block Port 25, to prevent outgoing mail Many Cable Internet service providers, in a effort to prevent spam, will block outgoing mail server port 25. This usually causes your mail to sit in your outbox, unable to be sent. Your Cable company will tell you to either use their email account or use your domain provider's Web Mail. Fortunately, our mail server listens on an alternate port, so that you may circumvent the block your Cable provider has imposed.

    Remedy: In "Properties" Click "Advanced" tab and change Outgoing mail (SMTP): from the number '25' to read '551', then click Apply or OK. Now test your ability to send mail.

    Your Email Software such as Outlook Express may be corrupted due to problems with Windows Software. This is the #1 cause of problems in our experience. Metanet mail might work while other mailboxes might not. This is entirely possible.

    Remedy: Reinstall Outlook Express. Caution: Microsoft software and the Windows operating system is notorious for bugs, errors, and other problems. Beware of the fact that a reinstallation may erase email messages that may be currently saved on your computer that you might have if you have previously used outlook express for other non-Metanet email accounts)

    Your Windows operating system may be corrupted.

    Remedy: We suggest trying to retreive mail through Yahoo or Hotmail "Check Other Mail" feature, or to try retrieving mail on a different computer system. If the mail works you will know your computer is the problem

    Your username and password may be incorrect or incorrectly typed.

    Remedy: Please be sure you have typed your username and password into your email software correctly. Many times users mistype the password, or do not remember that the username and passwords are "Case SenSiTivE" and have entered the information incorrectly.

If all these methods of troubleshooting still do not work, then you may enter a trouble ticket here.


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